Dr. Juliet Hananian


Dr Juliet was born in Iran in 1962. She always had a passion for dentistry and had dreams of moving out to the United States to practice. She attended The National University of Iran and began practicing dentistry in 1987. In 1998, she came to the United States and attended the U.S. International Course at UCLA. She moved from Los Angeles to San Diego County to open her practice. She has been working at Friendly Dental since 2005. She specializes in all aspects of general dentistry and looks at patients as a whole and not as a “mouth”. She prides herself on being patient and understanding of any concerns that her patients may have and makes treatment plans that will work the best for the patient.

“My mission is to ensure that the patients feel and are treated like family. I want to make them feel comfortable and to feel safe. I want them to understand treatments and feel comfortable expressing any concerns with me before, during and after the treatment.”